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Business Consultant

We guide our client on every perspective with business. Like: Legal , Business Development , Online Infrastructure etc.

Design & Branding

We guide you with best Desiging and Branding of your Business and Products.We have best designer you can desigine you Logo & Create Branding with Trade-mark.

Startup Business

We support Startup business with Online Infrastructure with all prespective legal to Marketing.

Want Job or Want to Start Business we are here for you.Business without investment is a myth.

Futurebuzz Hospital and Research Pvt Ltd

Sister Concern Company Under Futurebuzz-LLP
Going to Established an Hospital with all type of O.P.D facilitie.With Development and Research Wing in area of

Own Developed Products :
Hospital Infrastructure 1. Odoctor App
2. HospitalBuzZ

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Business Consultantcy

This Organisation help people to setup their business in proper way. Possible Way :
1. Proper Infrastructure
2. Proper Guidance
3. Legal Steps
4. Brand - TradeName , Patent & Copyright
5. MCA Authorisation

We have best Expert for this work from Private and Government Sector who guide you on every step's toward your business grow.


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Is Business is Better than Job?

    • While in a job you have to fix yourself in the fixed time interval set by your employer, usually that is of 8 hours. But in your own business there are no restrictions for you. You can work less or you can even work more to make more profits. So, this is one of the important reason why own business is better than job.

  • Can a Business start's without Investment ?

    • Online businesses allow you to work from home and grow the business without investing too much money.Similarly, if you plan to even start a small bakery, that too will need good amount of investment and you need to be there in the shop.Business Required Small Investment Atleast.

  • Which is required to run a Business Skill or Money ?

    • Business without skills is possible if you have money but you have to appoint best and trusted Skilled peoples to run your business. Vice-Versa Business with skill give you more opportunities to grow fast.

  • What is Business Skills?

    • So what are business skills? Well they include communication, influencing, negotiation and line management. They are also likely to include advanced skills such as leadership, presentation, strategic thinking and project management.

  • In Business Money Roll-up Means ?

    • A roll-up merger is when an investor, such as a private equity firm, buys up companies in the same market and merges them together. Roll-up mergers, also known as a "roll up" or a "rollup," combine multiple small companies into a larger entity that is better positioned to enjoy economies of scale.

  • Business grow with Relationship ?

    • Here is how to add the required relationship talent. In business, you need to build relationships with a wide range of people, including recommended by the CEOs of some of The Famous Indian Compines.

Board of Members

  • Mr.M A Ashik Mondal

    -Chief Executive Officer

    Administration is to state the objective that administrative action is expected to attain. Thus, it is often said that the function of administration is to “carry out” or “execute” or “implement” policy decisions, or to coordinate activity in order to accomplish some common purpose, or simply to achieve cooperation in the pursuit of a shared goal.

  • Mr.S S Miron Hossain

    -Executive Managing Director

    Compnay grow with the responsibilty we take with the efforts our team do. I personally think that an company runs under an perfect leader.

  • Mr.Md Irfan Ali

    - Chief Innovation Officer

    Innovation is a Part of life without innovation or innovative ideas a person can't live. "Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement. Every once in a while, a new technology, an old problem, and a big idea turn into an innovation."

  • Mr.Roni Biswas

    - General Manger

    As being an General Manager of FBC-LLP , we have many work to do and many steps to take. "Best of Luck to my team for better achivements day by day."

  • Mr.Arif Uddin Sk

    - Chief Technology Officer

    "Share the best technology quotes collection with funny and wise quotations by famous authors, experts on technology, information, science, computers."

  • Mr. Ziaur Rahaman

    - Chief Financial Officer

    "When freedom does not have a purpose, when it does not wish to know anything about the rule of law engraved in the hearts of men and women, when it does not listen to the voice of conscience, it turns against humanity and society."

  • Mr. Rajesh Das

    - Executive Treasurer

    “You plan to rob the world of its treasures if you decide to die with your potentials unleashed! The world needs your leadership influence; don't take it raw to the cemetery!”

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